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Summer Showcase 2017

Sunday July 16th 4pm
Impington Village College

• The show will take place Sunday July 16th 4pm-5:30pm at Impington Village College

• Cheerleaders to arrive for a 2:30pm for a warm up and rehearsal

• Saturday & Monday Senior Pop steps to arrive at 3pm

• All other students to arrive no later than 3:30pm 
• Girls in Ballet dances must arrive with their hair in a neat bun, all other students to have their hair tied back in any style completely off their faces secured with hairspray.
• Please bring your child with all parts of their costume including ballet shoes, socks, tights, Stardust T-shirts and leotards
where needed – if unsure please check costume list on the website.
• All Stardust costumes to be returned at the end of the show.

• Professional photos taken at the dress rehearsal will be on sale to parents at the show.

• Please remember to bring cash for refreshments, the jewellery stall and raffle to support my chosen charity this year which is Parkinson’s UK.  

• Raffle prize donations would be greatly appreciated

Costume List

You need to provide
Arbury Mini Ballet
Monday @ 3.45pm
Magic fairy spell
♥ Pink Ballet shoes
♥ Pink Ballet socks
♥ Pale Pink leotard
Arbury G2 Ballet
Monday @ 4.45pm
Yellow Submarine
♥ Pink Ballet shoes
♥ Pink Ballet tights
Arbury Pre-Primary
Friday @ 3.45pm
♥ Let’s star jump
♥ Fairy bopping
♥ Pink Ballet shoes
♥ Pink Ballet socks
Boys- class ballet uniform
Arbury Primary Ballet
Friday @ 4.30pm
♥ Be our guest
♥ Shout out to my ex
♥ Pink Ballet shoes
♥ Pink Ballet socks
♥ Pale Pink leotard
Arbury Grade 1
Friday @5.15pm
Black leggings
Arbury Grade 1 Ballet
Friday @ 5.15pm
Sleeping Princess
♥ Ballet shoes
♥ Ballet tights
Arbury Grade 2 Ballet
Friday @ 6pm
♥ Pink ballet tights
♥ Pink ballet shoes
Parkside Pre-Primary Ballet
Saturday @ 9.15am
You are my sunshine
♥ Pink Ballet shoes
♥ Pink Ballet tights
Parkside G2 Ballet
Saturday @ 11.15am
Harry Potter
♥ Pink Ballet shoes
♥ Pink Ballet tights
Parkside Grade 2 Ballet
Saturday @1.15pm
True Colours
Parkside G1
Saturday @ 10.45am
4th Enchainment
Girls|Pink Ballet shoes
Girls|Pink Ballet tights

Boys|White t-shirt
Boys|Black Shorts
Boys|Ballet shoes
Parkside Primary Ballet
Saturday @ 9.45am
Girls|Pink Ballet shoes
Girls|Pink Ballet socks
Girls|Pink leotard

Boys|Plain white t-shirt
Boys|Ballet shoes
Arbury Pop Steps Junior
Monday 4.45pm
Trolls| Move Your Feet
Girls|Black leggings
(Stardust t-shirt for finale)

Boys|Black Trousers / Shorts
Arbury Senior Pop Steps
Monday @ 5.45pm
or ¾ leggings to go under dress

Boys|Black Trousers
Arbury Senior Pop Steps
Monday @ 5.45pm
♥ Purple stardust t-shirt
♥ Black leggings
♥ Trainers
Parkside Pop Steps
Saturday @ 12:00
Better When I'm Dancing
Black ¾ length leggings
Black strappy top
Parkside Pop Steps
Saturday @ 12.00
♥ Stardust T-shirt
♥ Black leggings
♥ Trainers
Cambridge Cheerleaders
Tuesday @ 4.45pm
Cheer Mix
♥ Black cycling shorts
♥ Trainers
♥ Stardust cheerleading t-shirt
♥ Cheer hair bow
Cambourne Cheerleaders
Thursdays @ 5.45pm
J-Lo Cheer Mix
♥ Trainers
♥ Black cycling shorts
Arbury Tap
Monday @ 5.15pm
Another day of sun
Tap Shoes
Parkside Primary & G1 Tap
Saturday @ 10.15am
Soda pop
Girls|Tap shoes
Some girls may wish to wear skin coloured tights

Boys|White shirt
Tap shoes
Black trousers
Parkside G3 Tap
Saturday @ 12.45
♥ Tap shoes
♥ Black socks
♥ Black leggings

Key Information

Please make note of all the key information below. All students who wish to participate were required to complete a registration form by April 26th for the local council.

Show Performance

  • Sunday 16th July 2017
  • 4pm to 5:30pm (Students may be required from 1:30pm)
  • Impington Village College,
    New Rd, Impington,
    Cambridge, CB24 9LX
  • £5 to secure each child's place
  • 2 Ticket maximum (more may be released closer to the show)
  • Regular class uniform will be required
Please note that due to all the extra paper work, licensing fees and additional staffing costs this year there will be a £5 charge per child to take place in the show - please be aware that this will be non refundable if your child drops out of the show.

This payment was required online before April 26th to the account below using your child's full name as the payment reference:

Account number: 21512641
Sort code: 40-24-16